150 liter MC24SP150T

Short description

With the well known efficiency from MicroCAFS, this unit is reaching already a striking tactical impact, which is already comparable with small fire engines with water tank. MicroCAFS is using as one of the first manufacturer composite pressure vessels. By less weight, even bigger amounts of extinguishing agent can still be handled. Also available mounted in a skid frame.

flow rate:

200 l/min.
up to 600 l/min. possible

operating time:

45 sec.

work range:

33 m

vessel capacity:

150 l

working pressure:

approx. 8 bar


2 x 10 l / 300 bar compressed air


0°C - 50°C


240 kg empty, 400 kg filled


1215 x 810 x 1610 mm (HxBxT)

extinguishing agent:

approved foam agent


Foam wet-dry switchable

subjects to modification preserved!

maintenance training

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composite vessels

MicroCAFS introducing as one of the market pioneers the first CAFS units wth composite pressure vesels. Vessels are with PED 97/23/EC approval and provide less weight and lower cost with no corrosion.