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The unit contains besides a magnetic inductive flow meter and a flow sensor also up to three foam pumps. The contactless and tough flow measurement for water is precise in a range from 40 l/min to the upper level of the measuring range, for ex. 2000 l/min. The flow meter signal is also an input for the control calculation of the output signal, as the dosing percentage in %. By the strict volumetric and precise dosing of the excentric worm pumps the PLC is calculating the needed number of radiations per minute for the pumps independent from viscosity of foam agent. The electronic controlled 24V Motor follows the required radiations per minute reliable. A special run program provides motor running without problems. The torque is supervised constantly, to avoid overstressing of the motor.

  • tough running characteristics by excentric worm pump technology, even with small particels in the stream
  • less jamming or blocking, special start run programming
  • no flushing with water after use, no "mess" at the fire scene because of cleaning
  • volumetric precise dosing, less foam agent, less environmental pollution
  • strict volumetric dosing, independent from foam agent
  • linear characteristics of the pumps over the complete dosing range
  • self sucking pump technology
  • no significant variation of the characteristics with the lines of different working pressure up to 12 bar
  • all foam agents on the market can be used

MicroCAFS positive pressure proportioner PPPS 24


electronic controlled proportioner

foam dosing rate:

0,1 – 6% (step: 0,1%),
maximum flow rate 27 l/min


3 excentric worm pumps
flow rate 0,1 – 27 l/min at suction height = 0m
maximum working pressure 12 bar


pump case                             stainless steel 1.4571

rotating parts                         stainless steel 1.4571

rotor                                      stainless steel 1.4571

stator                                     EPDM (F65A)

 pump medium:

fits for all foam agent for fire fighting

volumic mass                        1 kg/dm³

viscosity                              1 mm²/s

working temperature              +5 - +45°C

low temperatures with additional heating


elektrical motor 24 V DC, electronically controlled


Integrated protection against dry running with

emergency shutdown (drive)

subject to change without any notice

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