50 Liter MC6SP50S

Short description

Standard brackets in fire engines fit for this skid. Standard car fires can already be extinguished. For securing call out scenes or as a powerful equipment for fire vehicles without water tank, the MicroCAFS skid enables for efficient fire fighting.

  • perfect and constant foam quality with long term duration even at vertical surface or overhead
  • long working time with economical consumption
  • low kickback when pulling the trigger
  • big working range, 15 m D-type hose
  • simple refilling without tools
  • big throw range for safety distance and reaching the fire
  • good penetration of combustibles by enhanced foam duration
  • excellent extinguishing especially at problematic combustibles as plastic, rubber, oil, ....
  • dense foam structure minimizes reignitionby high cooling effects
  • no line-of-sight obstruction in comparison with powder
  • usable for all sorts of fire with different additives
  • no water damage
  • less environmental riscs
  • low cost for service and maintenace
  • work pressure clearly below 10 bar; therefore no pressure test for vessel necessary.

Patented MicroCAFS mixing technology provides 2 different foam qualities for the requirements of professional fire fighting. Low working pressure with high throw range allow safe handling. CAFS typical foam bubbles are forming thick foam blankets with high extinguishing performance. Long working duration supports efficient use. Applicable with almost all foam agents referring to data sheet of manufacturer. Easy refilling by end user according manual. The skid fits for standard brackets of a 8kVA generator.

  • upgrade of fire engines without water tank
  • safety-cars at motorsports

flow rates water:

23 l/min. (wet)
7.7 l/min. (dry)

working time:

130 sek. (wet)
390 sek. (dry)

throwing range:

15 m (wet)
9 m (dry)

vessel size:

50 l stainless steel

working pressure:

approx. 8 bar

propellant gas:

6 l / 300 bar compressed air


0°C to +60°C


50 kg empty, 100 kg filled


550 x 690 x 440 mm (hxwxd)


approved foam agents

electrical fire:

respect safety distance!

subjects to change without notice!


Eine mitgeführte Ersatz-Druckluftflasche ermöglicht eine Wiederherstellung der Einsatzbereitschaft des 50 Liter Profigerätes bereits an der Einsatzstelle.

MicroCAFS for Formula 1 safety

Our partner CEA Estintori from Italy provides maximum safety level with their rapid intervention team "Squadra Corse" on the most important racing courses not only for Formula 1. They are considered to be one of the best safety teams for racing sports. Squadra Corse rely on MicroCAFS and equipped their rapid intervention vehicles with MicroCAFS skid unit MC6SP50S.


maintenance training

We offer regularly trainings for maintenance executives
Next course: Tuesday, June 4th, 2024, 9:00 am
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composite vessels

MicroCAFS introducing as one of the market pioneers the first CAFS units wth composite pressure vesels. Vessels are with PED 97/23/EC approval and provide less weight and lower cost with no corrosion.