MC3000 fully integrated

Short description

The fully integrated model contains all components of a CAFS unit within one assembly. Centrifugal pump, compressor, foam agent proportioning pumps, the patented MicroCAFS mixing valve and the MicroCAFS  management system (CMS) with all components for measuring and controlling are mounted on a base frame. The pipework of all components including outlet valves is already assembled as well.

  • ready for use built system "plug and play"
  • connection to the pto by only one shaft
  • compressor is driven internally by a tooth belt via pump gear, without additional pto
  • precise positive pressure proportioning foam pump by exzentric worm pump, volumetric, no calibration needed
  • no flushing of foam pumps necessary after use
  • simple one button operation, every function can be switched by only pushing one button

The module is delivered completely mounted and can easily be integrated in the vehicle. The mechanical connection to the PTO of  the vehicle is made by a standard transmission shaft. The compressor is already connected to the drive of the centrifugal pump with a tooth belt internally in the assembly. Only this one transmission shaft is needed to drive the pump and the compressor at the same time. The electrical power supply is given from  the 24 volt wiring system of the vehicle. The pipework of the CAFS unit must be connected to the pipe installation of the vehicle also by the vehicle manufacturer.

In the standard configuration the foam dosing is done by two excentric worm pumps. Up to 4 pumps can be arranged optionally. The flow measuring is done by hightec magnetic inductive measurement. Independent of the type of the foam agent (viscosity) the accurate dosing will be made by the excentric worm pumps. Also the reliable dosing all over the working range is guaranteed under different working pressures.

CAFS is produced in the patented MicroCAFS mixing valve without remarkable pressure loss and without limitations of the water flow as well. Compressed air will be injected in the water/foam flow by proportional pressure regulation valve into the mixing valve. According to the quick reaction of the measurement and regulation, the unit can also handle quickly changing operating conditions (e.g. during chopping).

The unit allows CAFS flow rates up to minimum 800 l water per minute (about 1.200 l/min CAFS flow). This results in expanded CAFS flow of about 3.200 l/min. Therefore it also fits for using a monitor with about 1.200 l/min or several nozzle pipes at the same time. The unit provides high capacity for efficient and safe firefighting, also for indoor firefighting  and industrial firefighting. Basic rules (tactical and technical) and sufficient self protection for attack teams have to be considered by fire fighting with CAFS as well. The attack teams must be trained regularly and constantly to enhance effectivity and safety for firefighting with CAFS.

CAFS unit performance

water (W):

FPN 10 - 3.000 l/min

centrifugal pump max. 3.000 l/min at 10 bar

water + foam (WF):

PPPS 16   ( PPPS 24)
excentric worm pump
18 l/min (2 pumps) up to max.36 l/min (4 pumps)

water + foam + air (CAFS):

CAFS 2400/800
compressor 2400 l/min at 10 bar
water flow up to minimum 800 l/min
displacement wet 30% to 40%
displacement CAFS dry 70% to 90%

working pressure:

1 – 10 bar

power consuption pump:

79 kW

power consumption compressor:

17 kW

elektr. power supply 24 V:

approx. 50 Ampere (2 pumps)
(add. approx. 20 Ampere per add. pump)

fire pump

fire pump:

centrifugal pump NP 3000 single stage


Pump case, rotor disk, pressure water pipe and suction inlet

made of seawater resistant aluminum alloy, pump shaft made

of stainless steel

rotation direction:

Clockwise direction / right handed (view to driving flange)


Flange (e.g. PTO / cardan shaft), DN 100


oil free, maintenance free

shaft seal:

control leaking shaft seal, maintenance free


VACUMAT, automatic system, manual ON, automatic OFF,

automatic deactivation, suction height 0 – 8m, oilfree, maintenance free

suction inlet:

basic, square flange NW 125

pressure outlet:

without couplings

2 gate valves G80K (W inside left bottom)

2 gate valves G80K (W+WF+CAFS ri / le outside)

1 ball valve G1 ½ as tank filling pipe (W inside left bottom), handling by push rod

1 ball valve G1 ½ as quick attack (W+WF+CAFS outside right bottom), handling by push rod


thermo valve for pump 55°C (overheat control)


manual ball valve at the lowest place of the pump case

MicroCAFS positive pressure proportioner PPPS 16


electronic controlled proportioner

foam dosing rate:

0,1 – 6% (step: 0,1%),
maximum flow rate 18 l/min


2 excentric worm pumps
flow rate 0,1 – 18 l/min at suction height = 0m
maximum working pressure 12 bar


pump case                             stainless steel 1.4571

rotating parts                         stainless steel 1.4571

rotor                                      stainless steel 1.4571

stator                                     EPDM (F65A)

 pump medium:

fits for all foam agent for fire fighting

volumic mass                        1 kg/dm³

viscosity                              1 mm²/s

working temperature              +5 - +45°C

low temperatures with additional heating


elektrical motor 24 V DC, electronically controlled


Integrated protection against dry running with

emergency shutdown (drive)


PPPS 24 with 3 foam pumps (max.27 l/min)
PPPS 32 with 4 foam pumps (max.36 l/min)


nominal air delivery:

2.400 l/min. at 10 bar, max. 2.800 l/min.


with tooth belt from pump shaft, not switchable,

electropneumatical idle running controlling


Heat exchanger for compressor oil, integrated in the water

circulation of the pump NP 3000 (return flow has to be mounted

by vehicle manufacturer to the suction inlet of the pump)


safety valve (air), over heat protection (oil)

automatic heating (oil)

patented MicroCAFS mixing valve MK51

  • patented main score unit of the MicroCAFS unit with switch for the two different foam qualities „wet“ and „dry“.
  • without turbulencers in the flow section
  • no pressure loss


base frame

  • welded steel, completely galvanized
  • compact bearing for pump, compressor, pressurized foam dosing system and all components for measurement and regulations.
  • integrated drive flange (for PTO)



flame red (RAL 3000)


standard  (black)


whit aluminium (RAL 9006)

base frame:

zinc coated

measuring/control items:


patented MicroCAFS air control MC CMS (CAFS Management System)

  • electronically controlled air regulation valve
  • optional connection to CAN bus of vehicle
  • PLC control
  • optional: operation panel with display
  • display shows dosing ratio, water flow, warnings




by push buttons


off / foam proportioning / CAFS „wet“ / CAFS „dry“
+/- button for changing dosing ratio (step 0,1%)

  • optional: preparation for integration of operation panel in the vehicle
  • simple one button operation. Every function only by pushing one button. no unneeded displays.
  • measurements/weights are approximate.
  • detail clearing after order required.

subjects to change without any notice

composite vessels

MicroCAFS introducing as one of the market pioneers the first CAFS units wth composite pressure vesels. Vessels are with PED 2014/68/EU approval and provide less weight and lower cost with no corrosion.